To make the pronunciation and the writing of the terms in English memorable, teachers very often use the dictation in English, which for those who are not very skilled in foreign languages ​​becomes a real nightmare. The words heard seem to be Arabic, we are not sure of the transcription, we rely on our classmate who almost always knows less than us. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to run for cover, and try to be able to do a good dictation in English, without making big mistakes. Here below, step by step, how to do it!


None of us has the science infused! The first thing to do is therefore to train, in order to reach a good level in the knowledge of the English language. So, before moving on to dictation in English, we must first proceed step by step, like this:

1. Review of grammar. It is very important to review English grammar, since we must be able to perceive, during dictation, the singular and plural of nouns, to correctly write the third person singular of verbs, the simple past and so on.

2. Reading of passages in English. We must then try to memorize a good number of terms in English, so as to recognize them immediately as soon as they are read to us during the dictation in English. So, let’s read some passages in the language, making us help in the pronunciation. Then, we highlight the words we know little and transcribe them in a notebook with the pronunciation next, until we are sure we have memorized them.

3. Listening to a song. An alternative and lighter way to learn how to correctly spell the words in English is to listen to a song, helping yourself with the text first. We listen to the song two or three times with the text in front, then we close and listen one piece at a time trying to transcribe the words. In the end, we check the text and correct the errors!

4. Exercise in the dictation. Now, let’s try to train in the actual dictation. We can help you with a special audio (there are many on the web of varying difficulty): we listen, we write, we correct errors. The more we will do it, the faster and faster we will be.


Here we are! We have our paper and our pen, while the teacher is ready to read the passage that we will have to transcribe. If we have trained properly, we will not have great difficulties, but we will still follow some small suggestions:

Concentration: we do not speak and listen carefully to prof. Often some teachers do not repeat the words several times, so it is absolutely necessary to listen well to the first shot.

We try to write everything: if we haven’t understood a word, let’s write it as we heard it, we will quickly correct it later.

Let us quickly read again: once the dictation is finished, let us re-read what we have written, so as to correct the words and above all try to understand if what we have written has meaning, or instead we have transcribed one word for another.

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