It’s hot? No it is very hot. But the books have not yet dissolved and we are forced to study to recover a debt, or perhaps some more debt, and face the exam that we should pass in September. Do you think it is impossible to study while friends are at the sea, desert temperatures and the mind on vacation?


Here’s how to study in the summer to recover school debts and take the exam or to finish homework for the holidays:

Studying outdoors – Studying in green and cool places can be a good way to face the summer study. Studying in the open air will make you overcome the “closed at home” syndrome while the others are out having fun. You could also study under the umbrella on the beach, but only if you are able to resist the temptation of a game of rackets.

Planning the Study – Closing home and studying all day during the holidays can be frustrating. It would be better to plan the study in order to alternate moments of relaxation and fun with those of commitment and learning. Don’t forget that summer also serves to recharge your batteries!

Taking a break – Maintaining concentration with a particularly warm climate and the desire for summer entertainment is not easy. To prevent distractions and avoid wasting time staring at the book, take breaks during the study sections. Drink an energy drink, take a shower, call a friend and then get ready for the final sprint.

Repeat and reward – The old stick and carrot method. During the summer study it is good that you test your progress week after week. If you notice that the knowledge of that subject has improved, and your efforts are bearing fruit, reward yourself. You deserve a day at the beach! Otherwise do not be mortified though. Instead, try to understand if it is necessary to modify your study method.

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